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My newsletter is written by myself, and special guest editors, to help parents know how to respond to their child's eating disorder. It is intended to empower parents with knowledge, confidence, and hope as they face their child's bewildering struggle with disordered eating.

It offers help and hope to parents who are confronting the daunting challenges of their child's treatment needs, their own feelings of impotence with regard to fixing the disordered eating problem, and their child's tenacious and intense dedication to unhealthy weight management goals.

In newsletters you will learn about:

  • Why adolescent boys and girls fall into eating disorder behaviors
  • Why girls suffer from "waist down" body image problems and boys suffer from "waist up" body image problems
  • Why parents often have a hard time recognizing eating disorders in their child in the early stages
  • How children with eating disorders may see their parents' attempts to help them
  • How to cope when your older child with an eating disorder no longer lives at home
  • How to help your child feel better about growing up when maturational fears are part of the cause
  • How to deal with inevitable self-blame when your child has an eating disorder
  • Ways to convey love and support to your struggling, child with an eating disorder

Most of all parents are given encouragement, concrete suggestions, and educational information as tools for doing the best job they can in responding to their child with an eating disorder.

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Providing Support for Parents and Caretakers of Children with Eating Disorders

Award Winner
The Suicide Prevention and Crisis Service in Ithaca, NY has given its 2005 award for exemplary service to community members in crisis to the Parent Partner Program, for "its fine work in addressing the crisis of eating disorders with our youth."
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