Re: Cris Haltom
Although dealing with our daughter's eating disorder has been a long and painful process, we are grateful that we have had a terrific support network to help us all get through this. We feel that our daughter's therapy has given her not only the insights and strength to overcome the distressing symptoms of the disorder but has supported her through other crises of adolescence. She has matured and bloomed. Her self-confidence is much stronger and she is ready to take on leadership and responsibility with insight and compassion. As a testament to the experience, she is seriously thinking of becoming a therapist herself.

Mother, professor and graduate studies director Cornell University
Ithaca, N. Y.

I have collaborated with Dr. Cris Haltom for eight years in treatment of eating disordered adolescents. Teamwork has been the key to success! Dr. Haltom facilitates and prepares the client to work collaboratively. She takes responsibility in a caring and empowering way for the psychological aspects of treatment and keeps team members apprised of progress in therapy. As the nutritionist I continue to respect her guidance, sensitivity, and responsiveness to client needs.

Sue Travis, MS, RD, CDN
Private Nutrition Therapist and Lecturer at Cornell University
307 MVR Hall, Division of Nutritional Sciences, Cornell University
Ithaca, N. Y. 14853
Phone 607-255-2613 Fax 607-255-0178 Email set6@cornell.edu

My daughter recently told me that at her eighth grade graduation she wanted the principal to announce that not only had she maintained a high honor roll average but that she had conquered anorexia. Cris Haltom guided and counseled her to this feeling of confidence and health.

Cris helped me (Mom) to understand the process that my daughter had to go through. She gave me the confidence to step back and let my daughter work on her problems, I am very grateful for this.

Mother and school teacher
Lansing, N.Y.

Keep up the good work. Thank you for your writings about eating disorders. I was relieved to read about other parents' reactions to help me feel better about my own reactions.

A parent

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