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These articles on eating disorders are from my regular newsletter, and will help you and your child.

These articles first appeared in my complimentary newsletter, "The Eating Disorder Survival Guide for Parents"™. You are welcome to subscribe. (See box on the left.) In the Eating Disorder Survival Guide for Parents I regularly share insights from my own work and from the work of well-known researchers, writers and teachers in the field of eating disorders.

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Eating Disorders are serious disorders. Every person with an eating disorder has a different story to tell, a different background, and a different personality. Thus tips and guidelines in Dr. Haltom's newsletter and these articles may or may not apply to your child or family member. The professional(s) treating your child should identify optimum guidelines for treatment.

Parents and guardians: In newsletter articles which contain TIPS for you, you can ask your child with an eating disorder which tips she or he agrees with.

What's so good about FBT?

What information do friends and family need?

What can be done to increase motivation for treatment?

The problem with body comparisons

Megan's Story Part One: Early treatment setbacks

Megan's Story Part Two: Disordered eating sometimes seems worse early in treatment

Megan's Story Part Three: Seven tips for coping with early treatment frustrations

The nature of binge eating

Adult binge eating often starts in childhood

Eight things parents can do if a child is binge eating

A mother's hope: The heart-warming story of Mary Ellen Clausen

Tips on eating disorder from Mary Ellen Clausen

The Maudsley Approach: A new family treatment

The Maudsley Approach: Five tips if you use this new approach

The Maudsley Approach: Five tips if you DON'T use it

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