Eating Disorders

You can get practical, informed answers to your questions about Eating Disorders.

  • Do you know what eating disorders are?
  • Do you know how to reach out to your loved one in order to support and facilitate their getting help for an eating disorder?
  • Are you wondering how the eating disorder looks from your loved one's perspective?


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Further help in our new DVD

'Parenting a Child With an Eating Disorder'. Watch as I interview Mary Ellen and Dan Clausen and they tell the gripping story of their two girls who struggle with eating disorders.

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The Clausens offer support, empathy and helpful ideas to parents, grandparents, and caretakers of those with eating disorders. I encourage you to read more about this helpful DVD.

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Our Parent Partner Program™

We conduct a widely-used program that helps carers of those with eating disorders.

It is a six-hour community program designed to connect professionals, advocates and those affected by eating disorders. It is a multidisciplinary program designed to be presented by mental health, nutrition, medical professionals and a "family and friend" advocate in your community. Included are Power Point slides and two DVD's for participant learning and discussion.

This program was recently presented by Dr. Haltom at the 2008 Renfrew Center Foundation Conference in Philadelphia, Pa. Click to order or read more.

On this site you get topics addressed in our newsletter:

  • GUIDANCE for confronting your child's refusal to acknowledge their eating disorder behavior
  • IDEAS for avoiding power struggles with your child about food and weight issues
  • SUGGESTIONS for coping with the effect of your child's eating disorder on family members
  • WAYS to show your child with an eating disorder your concern, support and compassion
  • DIRECTIONS for taking care of yourself and many more practical suggestions for carers.
  • There are new topics presented monthly via newsletter and an ongoing group family education program called the Parent Partner Program™, available to carers.

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Providing Support for Parents and Caretakers of Children with Eating Disorders

Award Winner
The Suicide Prevention and Crisis Service in Ithaca, NY has given its 2005 award for exemplary service to community members in crisis to the Parent Partner Program, for "its fine work in addressing the crisis of eating disorders with our youth."
2011 Ann Birnbach Memorial Award by Mental Health Association in Tompkins Co. for outstanding service to the community. This award was for leading the Parent Partner Program for carers and professionals seeking education and support for eating disorders over the past five years.
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"The best part of receiving this information in the beginning of my daughter's treatment was the way it prepared me to play an informed and active role in her recovery."

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